The New Ali Reviews is
officially launched

The New
Ali Reviews

A touch to Revolution

E-commerce purchases and customer needs changing,
require the existing social proof solutions to evolve.
We innovate to bring a new standard

New app interface

A whole new interface was structured for better user experiences and the smoother workflow

Smarter Ways to Get Reviews

Provide a more flexible way to collect product reviews, easily create strong social proofs, and increase ROI for your store.

  • Import 100+ photo reviews from AliExpress in a click
  • Get attractive sample reviews with photos
  • Transfer reviews easily from other apps without any adjustment

Stunning review showcase

Visual online store matters! The New Ali Reviews lets your store shine through with lively and gorgeous social proof.

  • Simply drag-and-drop Review Widgets to any store pages with zero coding
  • Perfectly tailored for all themes without any adjustment
  • Fully customize Review Widgets similar to Shopify’s theme editor

All-in-one Place Review Management

Seamlessly manage reviews from all sources in one single dashboard to increase efficiency and reduce frustration.

  • Bulk manage reviews of multi products at the same time
  • Search reviews with advanced filters like auto-suggestion, date picker, email, customer name and country

Customer Insights and Analytics

Analyze and measure the metrics of the Review Widget from the first click to purchase, boost efficiency and drive further conversion.

  • Track and evaluate the key interaction metrics (views, clicks, orders, and revenue)
  • Conduct A/B testing for the best result

Look and Feel

New ways to display reviews that achieve the great visual
and win visitors even from the first look

Retro Style


Renovated previous version.
Enhanced looking, better performance.

Retro Style


Contemporary layout style.
Sharp design, edgy visual.

Introducing Review Widget

What is the Review Widget

Review Widget is a form of displaying reviews in different modern layouts to gain trust and drive more sales.

More styles coming in

Showcase best reviews in styles that blend well with the store theme and fit your brand with innovative widgets you haven't seen out there.

Widget types

Unlock widget designs that best suit your store theme. There are 3 styles available: Review Box, Review Pop and Carousel Slider. Stay tuned for more in the future.

Review Box

Display reviews of a product in redesigned Review Box. Available with 3 layouts: Grid, List, Carousel.

Review Box

Carousel Slider

Renovated from the traditional carousel, Ali Reviews Carousel slider has the best styles on the market to showcase visually-appealing reviews anywhere on your store.

Carousel Slider

Review Popup

Surface review popup when shoppers are browsing to make your store look crowded with orders.

Review Popup

Made for the best compatibility

No matter what your niche is, Review Widget should cover it all by diverse styles

09 Styles

New stunning review layouts
that work on every store’s page

100% Responsive

Display flawlessly across
all screen sizes and devices

Enjoy the interactive Review Widget demo

Now try the Review Widget in action to get the best “look and feel”
of how it displays on your store

Powerful settings

All the handy tools to customize Review Widgets look and display conditions

  • Theme Settings

    Effortlessly create professional and beautiful Review Widgets to match your own brand

    General Theme Settings

    Customize review elements such as style, text options, rating icon, customer avatar and more.

    Look And Feel

    Tailor the whole appearance and mood of each Review Widget to fit your store's theme.

  • Display Conditions

    Attract new sales and increase repeat sales by showing relevant reviews based on customer profile and past behavior

    Product options

    Show reviews of specific products or personalize reviews based on customer behaviour throughout their shoppping journey.

    Audience options

    Display Review Widgets for different groups of audience with multiple settings based on customer profile.

  • Brand Customization

    Customizable displays on emails and widgets to
    make your store branded and stand out from the crowd


More advanced features but no change in price.
The New Ali Reviews is ready to take both your social proof and business to the next level

$ 9.9 per month
  • Unlimited orders
  • Full AliExpress review importer
  • Review request emails
  • Full customization
  • Review popup
  • 24/7 customer success
$ 49.9 per month

All Essential features plus:

  • More products volume
  • More reviews volume
  • Dedicated support line
  • Upcoming premium features
$ 99.9 per month

All Enterprise features plus:

  • More products volume
  • More reviews volume
  • Priority server
  • Upcoming enterprise features

Import product reviews from AliExpress to get social proof for your store.

Got reviews from another apps? No worries, now you can migrate all your reviews with CSV
file easier than ever.

Motivate customers to shop by adding more sample reviews.

Auto update reviews to keep them fresh and credible.

Get more product reviews from customers via email.


The most popular Widget type that is appropriate for all business models.

Catch attention from visitors by showing them previous customers impression and thought about the product.

Feature your favorite reviews in a sleek carousel to make your store more attractive.

Create a dedicated reviews page that showcases all of your product reviews in one place.


Earn buyers trust and increase Click-through Rate with star ratings and reviews in Google Shopping Feed. New reviews will be auto-updated into the feed so you’ll get rid of the manual work.

Attract organic Google traffic by displaying star ratings and reviews in search results.

Manage the loading speed of the Review Widget as your preference.


Statistics made easy for the eyes. Track how well everything is doing.

Compare how efficient your Widgets are performing over time to find out the best strategy to optimize your business goal.


Customization provides new benefits that represents your brand identity.

Integrate with other apps and platforms to optimize your workflow.


No matter which plans you choose, we comes up with unlimited orders.

The number of products that could be added reviews.

The number of reviews can be added per product.

The number of emails could be sent per month. Build customer loyalty and boost sales with Upsell and Cross-sale email campaign strategy.


Run into any issues? Get instant help anytime you need with our live chat support

Our Customer Support team will prioritize your messages and solve problems as quickly as possible.

All your tasks will complete faster. Less waiting, more revenue.

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Ask & answer

Here’s more details on this new version.
If you need something more, live chat with us

Other than having more features, you will not be limited on review popups’ views anymore. Unlimited popup views. Unlimited orders. More features. Same price!
You can’t revert to the former version but we make sure that you won’t be affected by pricing plans or code issues. By the way, our support team will back you up 24/7.
Yes, absolutely. We’ve made proper configurations so the update will happen smoothly.
Review Widget is well coded to work with diverse themes and fit with every niche and industry that you are engaging.
Yes. It is indeed true. You can place the review showcase at any place you want on your page (top, middle, or bottom of a page). You can do it by simply drag and drop the widget to any position that you want.
This update requires the latest theme version, learn more details here. If you’re already on the latest version then nothing to worry about.

The new standard of social proof is born today

Ready to leverage outstanding features in The New Ali Reviews?