New pricing to suit all business models

The new pricing is officially released on July 12, 2021. If you are already a customer of ours,
you will get our special Customer Appreciation Plan


$ 9.9 monthly


Basic features:

  • 200 Orders per month
  • Basic Review Collector
  • Basic On-site Widgets
  • Basic Customization
  • Basic Content Moderation
  • Google Rich Snippets
  • Review Requests Email & SMS
  • Photo Reviews
$ 19.9 monthly


All Starter features plus:

  • 500 Orders per month
  • Full Review Collector
  • Full Stunning Widget Library
  • Advanced Customization
  • Advanced Content Moderation
  • Personalized Review Displays
  • Dynamic Review of Abandoned Cart
  • Onboarding Specialist
  • Remove Ali Reviews logo
$ 49.9 monthly


All Essential features plus:

  • 1500 Orders per month
  • A/B Widget Testing
  • Google Shopping Integration
  • Migration Support
  • Customer Success Manager
$ 99.9 monthly


All Premium features plus:

  • Unlimited Orders
  • Dedicated server
  • More unique upcoming features

For new lauching stores with basic social proof.

For small and medium stores ready to accelerate sales with dynamic review widgets.

For mid-medium stores with advanced reporting and integrations.

For larger businesses with specific technology requirements.










The number of reviews can be added per product. Upgrade your plan for extra reviews storage. More reviews, more credibility.

Show photos in reviews on your store.

You will receive free credits for SMS Review Request right after getting charged and other bonus for next payments.


Indicate the quantity of fulfilled orders that you can send email to request review.

Send Review Request Email to your customer, make them leave some reviews.

Review Request SMS will be sent through Messent.

Got reviews from another apps? No worries, now you can migrate all your reviews with CSV file easier than ever.

Import product reviews from AliExpress to get social proof for your store.

Bring all old reviews in your current site through CSV.

Motivate customers to shop by adding sample reviews.

Auto update reviews from AliExpress only with 100 latest reviews each time.


The most popular Widget type that is appropriate for all business models.

Add the rating star on the top of the Product page and Collection page.

Display relevant reviews while visitors browse your store to increase interaction and boost sales.

A clean and concise way to showcase happy testimonials to motivate visitors purchase.

Show reviews with carousel to maximize information density, optimize the social proof

Reduce Cart Abandonment rate by showing reviews In-cart products.


Set up Email Appearance and utilize more advanced settings.

Set all settings of Widget, from element colors to how it is shown.

Customizable display options to showcase reviews from specific products across visitors journey.

Customizable display options to showcase reviews to specific audience across their journey based on their location and purchasing history.

Remove Ali Reviews logo to make you set your store look in the your own way.


When a new manual review matches your conditions, it can be auto-approved and published to your live store.

Customize review’s content, author, photo and more to improve social proof.

Bulk publish review for multiple products in a single click.


Show the source of reviews collected (AliExpress, Review Request Email, CSV, Sample library) within the specific period.

Show you the result of Review Request Emails periodically with the diverse metrics.

Tell you how your widgets have performed with the following metrics views/clicks/orders and generated revenue.

Drill down into the details and analyze to understand which widget has performed better and optimize for maximum ROI.


Attract organic Google traffic by displaying star ratings and reviews in search results.

Earn buyers trust and increase Click-through Rate with star ratings and reviews in Google Shopping Feed. New reviews will be auto-updated into the feed so you’ll get rid of the manual work.

The complete package to build and optimize your Shopify stores.

The ultimate drag & drop page builder on Shopify.

Accelerates conversion rate & grows your profits beyond imagination

Gift Card & Store Credit Solutions. For Your Online Brand.

Beautiful customer account pages that get all your shopper data in one place.

Power up your store’s post-purchase experience.

Boost Sales with Collection Filter & Smart Instant Search.

Powering search service for e-commerce.

Engage your customers and sell more on social media.

Import products and automate order fulfillment.

Import reviews for all products on Oberlo with 1-click.


Run into any issues? Get instant help anytime you need with our live chat support.

Customer Support team will be ready to support you from very begining.

If you happen to use other review apps before, our Customer Support team will ensure your smooth migration with step-by-step instruction.

The special support from our Customer Success Manager that will ensure your social proof will drive growth.

All your tasks will complete faster. Less waiting, more revenue.

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Ask & answer

Ali Reviews focuses on expanding for all businesses, developing a host of new features, and personalizing the user experience, so current features need to be re-tailored to make the Starter, Essential, Premium, and Enterprise plans more reasonable. The change will allow us to serve you and our future customers better.

The quantity of features of the Starter plan is limited, however, this new update will NOT affect existing paying users. With our Customer Appreciation Plan (CAP), your paid plan will be automatically upgraded to the next higher plan at your same old price. You can maintain that price FOREVER*

Meanwhile, Essential plan has included most of the required features to fit small and medium-sized stores to promote sales. Essential plan users will get more orders per month, unlimited review request email as well as dynamic reviews from abandoned cart, on-site beautiful widgets library, and much more!

*Note: The pricing plan will be reset to original price if you uninstall and then reinstall Ali Reviews app.

The Customer Appreciation Plan (CAP) is available to users who paid a plan before the new pricing released (July 12, 2021). This action is to ensure that the change will not influence your business.

The app will automatically implement the Customer Appreciation Plan (CAP) to match the current user's plan after releasing new pricing.

Take a look at the table below:

Your current plan Price before new pricing Your plan after the CAP applied Price after new pricing
Free $0 Starter $0
Starter $9.90 Essential $9.90
Essential $19.90 Premium $19.90
Premium $49.90 Enterprise $49.90
  • If you are already a paying user of Ali Reviews, the CAP will be immediately applied after the new pricing released.
  • If you’re on the trial period or haven't paid for any plan, to take the benefits of the CAP, pick a plan and pay for it before July 12, 2021.
Until the 7-day trial expires, you can continue to use all features of your current plan.
However, you will not be eligible for the Customer Appreciation Plan unless you approve payment ​for your plan before July 12, 2021.

We will limit the number of reviews imported from AliExpress per import. However, it will not affect paid customers because they have the CAP.

See how to get a CAP?
It's unlimited. No matter which plans you choose, you can send automated and manual review request emails after order fulfilled.

The option to display user-generated reviews includes photos, ratings, texts on your store that helps increase your credibility.

Actually, the number of photos on a review doesn't change, the only change is we limit the number of photos of the Starter plan. However, that change will not affect paid customers thanks to our CAP.
Content moderation function is including auto approve new reviews, bulk action product reviews, and edit reviews. This function is only available for the Essential plan and higher plan.
Yes, the Ali Reviews logo will be automatically removed when you upgrade your plan to the Essential plan, Premium plan, or Enterprise plan.

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